czwartek, 16 maja 2013

Romwe zebra leggings

Hello, guys! I am a fan of fashion. Do you know your own fashion style? And do you want to change the style of you? Whatever whether you want to change yourself, there is some fashion news I want to say today.

Firstly, please allow me to introduce myself to you. I am a fashion lover and I like to share something new with my friend. But most of friends say they know more about fashion. Also, they don’t hear of some words on fashion. However, I think they are the fans of fashion. They always buy some street fashion clothes. But why they can’t listen to me! I can’t understand. They always say I am crazy. Actually, their words are right. I am a crazy girl with the fashion. Okay, I have many words to say.

Fashion is my life. In fact, all my friends say I am a fashionable girl. Also, I know that. I like collecting different fittings, I like the retro clothes, I like different bags, now the leggings is my favorite outfit. Before I say more about leggings, I have to introduce the brand Romwe to you all. It’s my favorite leggings brand, you may know the brand. Also, they have an online shop in the Amazon. This makes me amazed. The leggings in Romwe always give me a different feeling from other online shop. Romwe focuses on the ladies’ street fashion, and they are always the latest. Whatever, I want to introduce a pair of Romwe leggings to you, the leggings that I achieved last day---Romwe Women's Asymmetric Zebra Stripes Print Cotton Leggings.

You can see the leggings picture. Do you feel that this is a good pattern? I like the match of irregular black and white. The black and white are the classic colors. The match of these makes me feel good. Also, I can wear different tops to match the leggings.
Haha, maybe I don’t say much about this, you must have no time to see. So you can try them? Do you think so?

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  1. Zebra jest teraz baaardzo modna, trafny wybór!
    Pozdrawiam W.

  2. yep, we can follow each other :)

    so I follow you ♥

  3. great blog!! Thanks for your comment in my blog. I'll follo you and I hope you also follo me.

    we will keep in touch.